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Industries Served

There are three great things about having worked with so many businesses and types of businesses over the past twenty years.

The first is how much I’ve learned. Not just from the jobs that I’ve done, but from the amazing people with whom I’ve worked with as clients.

The second is being able to apply the knowledge I have gained within one industry to another.

Finally, there is the high level of experience I’ve gained over the years. This fact keeps turn around times short and prices competitive. If you’re ready to get started, feel free to call today.

Air Force
Alternative Energy/Windmill
Automotive Electronics
Automotive Engineering
Automotive Manufacturing
Automotive Retail
Automotive Shop
Clinical Research
Clothing/Textile Manufacturing
Computer Consulting
Consumer Products
Elder Law
Electronics Design (Embedded, etc.)
Electronics Manufacturing
Electronics Repair
Entertainment/Product Placement
Environmental Compliance
Environmental Engineering
Event Planning
Fabrics and Clothing
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
Fire Protection Systems
Healthcare Facility Architecture
Hedge Fund
Industrial Electronics
Infertility (Medical)
Information Technology
Injection Molding
Insurance (Both corp. and sales)
Machine Shop
Magnetic Stripe
Manufacturing Automation
Medical Scheduling
Music, Retail
Pacemaker (Medical)
Plastics Manufacturing
Quality Engineering
Real Estate Foreclosure
Real Estate, Commercial
Real Estate, Prop Management
Reliability Engineering
Retail Inventory and POS
Satellite and Microwave
Smart Card
Social Service/Managed Living
System Integration and VAR
Transportation and Trucking
Wealth Management