About Mike Turco

mike-turco-fbFor the last twenty-five years, Mike Turco has assisted numerous businesses, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, engineers, programmers, doctors, lawyers, scientists and consultants by providing solutions at all levels of business opportunities, issues and problems. He provides complete solutions, as well as effective solutions to pieces of larger issues.

Mike has significant experience in more than 50 industries. Having earned a reputation as an exceptional consultant, he helps both local and out-of-state businesses maximize their efficiency and profitability on a regular basis. A few of the many significant contributions made to local businesses is the amount of creative synergy, enthusiasm and motivation for which he is so well known.

As a noted public speaker, Mike has lectured, facilitated and taught classes throughout the U.S., Mexico and the Orient. His strong background in Public Relations, Advertising, Information Technology and Business Management contribute significantly to his abilities.

Mike Turco successfully combines his classical business and technical education and training with outstanding corporate, small company and entrepreneurial experience. His varied background and experience has enabled him to develop key skills that are applicable to many kinds of businesses, including commercial, industrial and professional service firms. Repeatedly, these firms testify that he has combined all of their efforts and ideas into a complete package, providing them guaranteed accomplishment.

Capabilities Profile

Mike Turco’s extensive experience with businesses like yours, brings you both the depth and breadth of skills, as well as the knowledge and experience needed to help you overcome obstacles and pursue challenging opportunities. Mike has thirty-five years of solid business experience as a successful business owner, including the past twenty as a consultant.

Mike is well known throughout the Southern California business community, and often works with other Consultants and Consulting Firms on large projects. Mike is an influential member of many multifunctional teams.

In addition to his ability to carry a project through from conceptualization to a finished product, Training, Coaching and Problem Solving skills are also available to supplement your internal efforts. Moreover, Mike Turco is able to take on projects in emergency situations, to personally ensure that you meet your critical requirements and deadlines.