The Benefits of Working with Mike Turco

Practical, real-world solutions based on Mike Turco’s twenty years of successful experience as a business computer consultant.

Cost Effectiveness: Your investment is negligible when compared to the increased profitability and productivity you’ll enjoy throughout your organization.;

Top notch consultants, developers and vendors: Mike is well connected with many consultants, vendors and service providers. This means that, as needed, we will bring in the right people, with the right skills, at a competitive price, to complete the job.;

Review, critique and tracking of vendor work: Mike works together with vendors to ensure product and service quality as well as conformance to your needs and requirements.

Candid, objective advice that works: Mike delivers feedback that is fully objective, neutral and honest. Often times this cannot be achieved when you are working with people who are too close to the issue, feel intimidated, or those who have a stake in your decisions or with the outcome of the process.

A source of ideas, strategies and tactics: Mike Turco provides practical solutions to problems based on his exceptional creative thinking capabilities together with his depth and breadth of experience.;

Thorough, effective Solutions: We work together to resolve complicated challenges and to pursue promising opportunities. Because of this, you know that critical issues have been thought through in depth, the various scenarios have been reasoned through, and that the benefits and repercussions of alternative solutions as well as the final decision have been given careful consideration.;

An independent and alternative viewpoint: I work with you and for you, not for other salespeople or vendors.