Computer Consulting

Here are some of our most commonly requested computer consulting services.

Personal Organization

Help is available for setting up contact lists, task lists, calendars and important notes such that they are on your computer, on your phone and on the Internet.

Emergency Project Assistance

Help pulling together last minute reports and presentations.

Sales Management

Taking a sale from beginning to end is well thought out process with specific steps. A solid system can help you to increase your close rate and more easily manage a large workload.

File and document management

computer and tabletIf your computer desktop is a mess and you need help organizing your files and folders, I can help. Let’s organize your computer in a way that works for you.

Online and shared file access

Do multiple versions of important files create problems for you? More than one person working on the same document?

Get setup across multiple devices

Share the same data between your phones, tables and computers.

Remote access

You can remotely access and work directly on your office computer from your home computer, laptop or tablet.

Online and desktop software

Software recommendations; customization such as templates and macros; installation and setup as needed.

Software, systems and data integration

For example, pulling databases, spreadsheets and documents together into a coherent package, such as a presentation.

Immediate service available. Call Today: (310) 714-9669.