Customer Testimonials

Happy customers leave good testimonials

Here are just a few of the many positive testimonials I’ve gotten from my customers over the years.

Hermach Machine “Over the past ten years Mike has made significant contributions in almost every area of our business. With Mike’s help, we were able to triple our capacity with no increase to our overhead” . . . Bob Barker, Director of Manufacturing, Hermach Machine

Falcon Enterprises “Working with Mike Turco was a major turning point for the company. He gave us the tools we needed to accomplish our projects, along with the training and support needed to use the new tools. Mike was here for us when we needed him”. . . Walter Higgins, Software Department Manager, Falcon Enterprises

Peninsula Software “I am a computer consultant myself, and I have known Mike Turco for several years now. We have worked together on numerous successful projects related to implementing business solutions. Mike has impressed me as someone who always puts the client’s best interest first” . . . Birk Binnard, Owner, Peninsula Software

TruPro.Net “Web Design and Hosting is an extremely competitive business. When I started my business in 1997, I knew that in order to succeed, I had to excel in every aspect of sales, marketing and business operations. Mike’s sound advice provided the fastest and most effective path to my continuing success”. . . Kriss Putterbaugh, Owner, TruPro.Net

Neuron Electronics (a division of Hitachi)”Mike was with us as our company grew from two to six employees and from one to six million dollars a year. Mike’s consistent support has helped us to pursue and manage our growth, and has significantly contributed to our success” . . . Stephen G. Stone, Vice President, Neuron Electronics, a division of Hitachi

AHP Staffing “Mike came on-board in September of ’99. We needed to revamp all major systems throughout our organization, and at the same time we wanted to improve our overall operational efficiency. Mike worked with us to re-design our business, helped us to bring in a full-time programmer, and worked hand-in-hand with our team of suppliers. The end results were phenomenal in terms of cost savings and improved effectiveness. Since then, we have enjoyed a significant increase in work-flow with virtually no increase in overhead” . . . Mary Anderson, President, AHP Staffing