Sales Management Systems

Excellence in sales is more than spoken words that close a deal. Taking a sale from beginning to end is well thought out process with specific steps. Therefore, a solid system management system designed around your existing process can increase your close rate. In addition, new/improved systems often simplify the management of a large workload.

Here are the things we’ll go through

Having a well-organized, consistent sales process in place allows you to make the most of your time and close the most deals. These are the basic elements of such a system. Because of that, these are items are especially important to go through.

Time ManagementTime management: getting your projects, tasks, contacts and calendar under control is a must. If you’re seeking to improve your organizational skills, I’m here to help.
pipelineSales pipeline: Keeping track of where everyone is throughout the process gives you a bird’s eye view of the current situation.
ticklerTickler file: A tickler file is a way to manage reminders for future follow-ups. There are many ways to keep a tickler. What’s important is that you do.
Doc being signed on top of folderFile and Document Management: Are you files hard to save and then find? Do you e-mail documents back and forth for editing and then not know which is which? I can create a solid organizational system for you, and make your systems available on any computer, anywhere.
If you now have a system in place and want to continue using it, I won’t push you into using something else. If it works for you, I’m all for it. In this case, we’ll work together to with the tools you use now and fill in the gaps as needed.
If you do not have an existing system, we’ll put together a solid, easy to use system that can be accessed on your computer and all your devices.

Let’s work together, one-on-one

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