One-on-one Time Management Training and Support

For many, computers and other devices can add to the frustration of putting a good system in place. Scattered lists, calendars and duplicate files on different computers can set you back an hour a day.

This is a Hands On Session

This isn’t a class on the theory of how you can put everything in order yourself. It’s one-on-one time and we’ll work on your computer together. It’s especially easy to work together over the Internet. Online, we can share your (or my) computer screen, and use our own keyboard and mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee your work? Yes, absolutely.

What will we cover? We’ll work with a calendar, a list of things to do and a contact list. We can also organize your files and notes so that they’re easy to find when needed.

Will we get everything done in one meeting? That depends on your workload and what we need to do. What we will do is set up a system on your computer and get a good chunk of organizational work done along the way. Scheduling follow-up sessions is no problem at all.

How much does it cost? The regular price is $195 for a working session of about 90 minutes.

Limited time offer: For new customers only, the reduced price is $149/session. (That’s more than 20% off!) Billing is COD, charge card only.

Let’s Get started today

As a computer consultant with twenty-five years’ experience, I’m here to help. I enjoy working with busy entrepreneurs and executives. I have a thorough understanding of your computing needs, and specialize in serving people just like you.

I can work within your budget and within your schedule as well. I will give you the best assistance I can.